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The true meaning of Weddings

Let’s get real for a second.. Let's stop complicating wedding planning and remember what it is all about. I think as we plan our bachelorette parties, bridal showers, weddings and everything else that goes behind getting married, we easily loose track of the true meaning of marriage. Yes, the fancy decorations, cool DJ, perfect photographer, large bridal party, big cake are all fun and make an awesome event..

But at the end of the day, they aren’t what makes a wedding a wedding.

What we see in all the weddings we work, is two people in love, becoming one and committing themselves to each for the rest of their lives. We live for the personal vows, the speeches from loved ones who describe their impeccable love, and the tears/excitement when they see each other for the first time that day.

In other words, planning a wedding is fun, and exciting and the details are important, but what’s more important is the love the couple shares and the new adventure they are about to embark on. Cheers to every couple getting married and more importantly, to the happiness that follows!

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