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Let's Be Extra!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

10 smalls things to do at your wedding that you often don’t think about, but will add an extra flare for your guests 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️ Don't forget at the end of day, it is about you and your significant other. These are a bonus!

1) Anniversary Dance

This is the cutest thing. You welcome all married couples to the dance floor. Have your DJ or Band slowly eliminate couples based on how long they have been together. Once you have the last couple left, introduce them and have them give advice to the newlyweds. Sometimes you have couples who have been together for 50+ years. They have quite some wisdom to share!

2) Matchy Matchy

We love this new trend of matching jean jackets for the newlyweds. Create custom jackets with your new last name or “Est. insert wedding date”. They are adorable and a fun takeaway for the couple post wedding.

3) Let's talk about the couple

Include custom cocktail napkins for your special day. They add personality to you as a couple. You can include fun facts, two truths and lie, and a short story about how you met. They create conversation between guests!

4) What's your go to Karaoke song?

Give the guests what they want. This is often entertaining as we all know, but also gives your guests the chance to pick songs they want. You don’t have to do karaoke the entire night. Let the guests sing their hearts out, receive free entertainment from them, and then get back to the dance floor.

5) Who's competitive?

Yard games has been a big trend we have seen at weddings. It is great to include during cocktail hour to add extra entertainment. Try cornhole, giant jenga, badminton, lawn twister, ping pong, bocce ball, guess who, tic tac toe, etc.

6) "What table are you at?"

Include plants as your table name cards. It elevates your table seating, acts as décor at your tables, and gives your guests a gift to take home.

7) Let's get personal

Have a signature drink or signature dessert that represents you as a couple. It can be a spicy margarita, a coffee stand, juice bar, donut wall, mini chocolates, etc. It is fun to see the couples personality shine through their decorations, drinks, food, and the customization of details.

8) Let's get some fresh air

With the nice summer nights in Colorado, we have seen people move their dance floor to the great outdoors. Makes for open dancing, beautiful pictures, and social distancing. If your venue has a noise ordinance, try a silent disco. Now those are fun!!

9) I want to remember this night forever

There are a few cute ways to have your guest book. 1) Have a polaroid camera, allow guests to print their picture and tape it into the guest book with a nice note. 2) Include Jenga pieces and allow guest to write a note on each individual piece. 3) Place out a globe of the world at your guest book table. Allow people to circle places they have been with their initials as fun recommendations on where to travel as a couple. Feel free to change this aspect of your wedding up from your typical guest book. This is a simple and easy piece of your wedding to personalize and get creative.

10) "Where my drink go?"

Leave cards at each table setting that state, “Please don’t take my drink, I’m dancing.” This helps catering from taking their drinks and can help with the bar tab at the end of the night. Also saves your guests time from waiting in the bar line.


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