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Venue Hunting Do's and Don'ts

Did you find yourself getting engaged over the holidays? If so, congratulations! We are sure you are eager to start the wedding planning process and one of the first steps is finding your venue. Below we have listed out some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind while venue hunting.

Do: Know your budget for your venue and catering. Most venues have a required catering list so it’s always good to reach out to some of those caterers after your tour and before booking to see if they are in your price range.

Don’t: Send a copy and pasted list of questions on your initial inquiry. Most venues will send you a packet that contains all that information anyways and they will more than likely go over all this information in more detail on your tour.

Do: Write down the questions you have! Either set up a phone call with the venue sales representative or bring them with you on your tour, it's always easier to talk through your questions and concerns versus emailing you the longest response ever.

Don’t: Set up 5 tours in one day. We get it you want to check booking your venue off your list but trust us, you don’t want to do more than 3-4 tours a day. You will hit a wall and probably feel overwhelmed with all the information and have a hard time keeping any of it straight.

Do: Schedule a lunch break in between your tours so you can talk about what you like or don’t like about the venues you have already seen. It also doesn’t hurt to go to happy hour once you are done with all your tours to either decide on a venue or come up with follow up questions for the sales representatives.

Don’t: Bring 10 people with you on your tour. This can be overwhelming, especially when trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules!

Do: Bring whoever will be helping you make this decision with you. This way they can also ask questions, and this will hopefully prevent some back and forth between your Mom, you, and the sales representatives. If those decision makers live out of state, ask if you can FaceTime during the tour. It’s 2021 might as well take advantage of this technology we have all gotten used to using this past year!

Click here to schedule your tour of The Kirk of Highland!

Photo: Elizandra Photography

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